Soft wash roof cleaning Palm Beach County Florida

Case Study: Commercial Roof Cleaning On Two Hotels in Boca Raton, FL

This is Jake from Wash Docs back with another case study of commercial pressure washing. We cleaned two hotels that had not had any cleaning done in 20 years. Wash Docs, a professional cleaning service, was approached by a client to soft wash the roofs of two of their hotels in Boca Raton, FL. These roofs had never been cleaned before and were in dire need of attention. This case study delves into the process, challenges, and results of the soft wash roof cleaning undertaken by Wash Docs.

Description Of Job And Background

  • Client: A commercial entity owning two hotels.
  • Location: Boca Raton, FL.
  • Problem: The roofs of the two hotels had never been cleaned, resulting in significant algae and mildew accumulation.


To provide a top-of-the-line soft wash roof cleaning service, ensuring customer satisfaction and restoring the roofs to their original condition.

Roof Cleaning Process:

  1. Assessment: Upon inspection, it was evident that the roofs were in rough shape due to years of neglect. They were blackened with algae and mildew.
  2. Soft Wash Treatment: Wash Docs decided to employ a soft wash treatment, which is gentle yet effective. Given the extent of the damage, multiple treatments were anticipated.
  3. Execution: The team began the cleaning process, ensuring thorough coverage and attention to detail.


  1. Extent of Neglect: The roofs had not been cleaned for years, making the cleaning process more intensive.
  2. Multiple Treatments: Due to the heavy accumulation of algae and mildew, multiple treatments were required to restore the roofs fully.


  1. Transformation: The roofs were transformed from their previously blackened state to looking brand new.
  2. Duration: The entire cleaning process was executed efficiently, with the team completing the task in a timely manner.
  3. Post-Cleaning: Over the next few days, the roofs brightened up even more. Any chemical residue left was expected to be washed off with the rain, further enhancing the cleaning effect.
  4. Client Satisfaction: The client was pleased with the results, especially since corporate visits were scheduled in the coming weeks.


Wash Docs successfully soft-washed the roofs of two hotels in Boca Raton, FL, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. The roofs, which had never been cleaned before, were restored to their original condition, enhancing the overall appearance of the hotels. The client was highly satisfied with the results, ensuring that the buildings looked pristine for upcoming corporate visits.

Testimonial: “This roof has never seen a roof cleaning… after 25 years of not doing anything, We hired Wash Docs to come out and service the roofs… They provided a quality, professional service. Now the roofs should be good… we’re very happy.” – Hotel Management Company.

About Wash Docs:

Wash Docs is dedicated to providing top-notch pressure washing, emphasizing customer satisfaction. They believe in the efficacy of soft-wash roof cleaning, considering it the best method for roof maintenance. If you need a roof cleaned, contact us today.

Video Source: Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Boca Raton FL by Wash Docs.