Boynton Beach Weather Report

Boynton Beach Weather and Surf Report


Boynton Beach, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, experiences a tropical rainforest climate, characterized by warm temperatures and high humidity levels throughout the year. The city enjoys ample sunshine, making it a popular destination for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Seasonal Weather Breakdown

Summer (June – September)

  • Temperature: Averages around 85-90°F
  • Weather: Hot and humid with frequent afternoon thunderstorms
  • What to Wear: Light, breathable fabrics, and sun protection

Fall (October – November)

  • Temperature: Ranges from 75-85°F
  • Weather: Mild and less humid, with occasional rain showers
  • What to Wear: Light layers and a waterproof jacket

Winter (December – February)

  • Temperature: Averages between 65-75°F
  • Weather: Cooler and dry, ideal for outdoor activities
  • What to Wear: Light sweater and long pants

Spring (March – May)

  • Temperature: Ranges from 70-80°F
  • Weather: Mild temperatures and moderate humidity
  • What to Wear: Light layers and comfortable footwear

Notable Weather Events

  • Hurricane Season: June to November, with peak activity in September
  • Record High: 101°F in July 1995
  • Record Low: 28°F in January 1977

Local Tips

  • Beach Conditions: Always check the local weather forecast before heading to the beach, especially during hurricane season.
  • Sun Protection: The UV index can be high; use sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses for protection.
  • Rain Gear: Keep an umbrella or raincoat handy during the summer months due to unpredictable showers.

7 Day Weather Forecast For Boynton Beach Inlet

7 Day Surf Report For Boynton Beach Inlet

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